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An Ask to End Body Shaming



This tweet was posted on March 24, 2015.

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Love Series: What is Love?

Continuing our love series, Sarah from Share My World takes us back to the basics by exploring how we define love. In our last love series post, many of you shared how you honor your time alone. I encourage you to jump into the conversation and share your thoughts on what love means to you.


What is love?

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Love Series: The Art of Spending Time Alone

Our third love series post is written by the awesome Lisa from The Creative Canvass. If you missed them, the first love series post is here and the second one can be found here. All the way from Australia, Lisa shares one of her greatest loves with us!


Love, it’s such a small word that has a lot of pressure put upon it.

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Love Series: Lovin My Laugh Lines, Beauty in Age

I celebrate love all year round, but when February arrives more people join me in my love for love! As a tribute to love, for the month of February musingsbythebay.com will be hosting guest posts from a handful of amazing bloggers. Sarah from www.50poundmonkey.com is kicking off our love series with a funny and inspiring post on maintaining self-love as we age.


Guess what world, I’ll be 50 soon! And, I couldn’t care less what number shows up on my cake. You can bet there will be cake, lots of cake, because quite honestly, as the number gets bigger, life just keeps getting better.

There’s no law that says that you have to grow up. I’m pretty sure that I don’t act my age, nor do I plan to in the future, but good things come with age.

I laugh in the Botoxed face of vanity, and, you might find this a bit shocking (sit down if you need to), I LOVE my laugh lines.

There’s evidence right there on my face that I’ve lived, and loved, and laughed.

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I Chose Myself

I tasted sweet, sweet victory this week. Not because I won a race or finally managed to clean my apartment the way it’s been begging me to, but because I was able to choose myself. I chose myself…twice…this week.

It is way too easy to convince ourselves that what we feel and what we want is not as important if it comes at the expense of not providing other people what they desire.

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Self-Actualization and Aspirations: Are You Where You Thought You’d be by Now?

The end of the year tends to spark a reflection process where we think about all of the experiences we had during the year, some moments much happier than others. Reflection is always a good practice because it helps us process and grow, but it is easy to turn reflection into destructive self-criticism, especially for those of us who are more susceptible to the topsy-turvy emotions and stress that the holiday season showers on us.

When our lives do not match up with what we envisioned we would have accomplished by now, our state of being can get bleak. Perhaps we pictured being our own boss by age forty, or purchasing a house and starting a family, moving to a bigger city with more opportunities, or traveling and experiencing other parts of the world. The list is endless because we all have our own specific aspirations that we have engrained in our minds, in some instances we created these visions decades ago. Our thoughts can be constant reminders of these desires and when they have yet to manifest we can jump into a destructive self-criticism mode.

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