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Love Series: The Art of Spending Time Alone

Our third love series post is written by the awesome Lisa from The Creative Canvass. If you missed them, the first love series post is here and the second one can be found here. All the way from Australia, Lisa shares one of her greatest loves with us!


Love, it’s such a small word that has a lot of pressure put upon it.

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I Chose Myself

I tasted sweet, sweet victory this week. Not because I won a race or finally managed to clean my apartment the way it’s been begging me to, but because I was able to choose myself. I chose myself…twice…this week.

It is way too easy to convince ourselves that what we feel and what we want is not as important if it comes at the expense of not providing other people what they desire.

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Authenticity as Self-Care

When we find ourselves in a complex situation that involves people whom we care about we can easily lose sight of our wants and needs.

Though it can be argued that selfishness is a common trait triggered by self-preservation, some of us have another dominant primal instinct: to nurture and protect.  This gender inclusive proclivity can be difficult to navigate.

If you identify as a protector or nurturer, then chances are that you have found yourself in a circumstance where you get wrapped up in emotionally providing for another person while oftentimes, without even realizing it, forgetting your needs. Worse than forgetting your needs, there are times when we become so concerned in trying to ensure another person’s comfort, or in providing what we think that they need from us, that we do not even take the time to reflect on what we need and how we feel. We don’t check in with ourselves and only realize this when the situation has become overwhelming for us.

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When too much action becomes overwhelming: Dealing when things backfire

Something unexpected has happened. In the act of throwing myself into action and constantly ‘doing,’ I have become emotionally drained. All of the stimulation of recent experiences has left me feeling saturated with internal responses that I’ve had a difficult time processing.

We get wrapped up in being busy, in filling each time slot with something to do, and sometimes all of this action backfires. In the process of trying to follow the cliché of ‘living life to its fullest,’ we become the complete opposite: unfulfilled.

And, when we start to feel unfulfilled, we search for the source of this feeling, which means we start to question how we are living our lives, our relationships with others, our core values…basically everything.

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