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Because Our ‘Firsts’ are Awesome…Sometimes

These past months I’ve been saying ‘yes’ to new experiences that present themselves and doing so with an open mind. But it’s been almost 5 years since I first started craving getting my first tattoo, and this past month the idea kept pestering me even more.

As an ENFP, permanent decisions are difficult for me to make. I’m always on the lookout for how to make things better, how to experience more, what more desirable opportunity awaits around the corner and committing to permanency challenges the possibility of these endless options.

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How to Relate to that Stranger in Front of You

The more you leave your home (both the physical structure and the internal one you hold) to experience life, the more you ‘do,’ the more enriched you become by experiencing others’ authentic story, but only when you make yourself available to receive and relate.

Though many will attest that it is easier to be honest with a stranger, the reality is that the majority of us do not move past small talk with strangers. We exchange niceties, we complain about how crowded the train is on that particular morning, refer back to the news of the day, or worst of all…we say nothing at all when an opportunity to connect arises. Instead, we look down at our phones and pop in our headphones.

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Adventures in hpynotherapy inside churches without religion

Disclaimer: This post is an anomaly from my previous posts and is more centered around sharing the internal transition that ‘doing’ is provoking for me.

I attended an event, not even sure that’s the right word to describe it. In my attempt to ‘do,’ to push my boundaries in order to clarify which ones I want to keep and which ones I’d like to release, I walked inside a sanctuary for the arts. The building structure reflects everything that a church resembles, but once inside the setup offers a different type of healing. It plays with lighting, meditation pillows cover the floor, a big stuffed tiger is on stage…it is quite the scene.

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