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Hello New Year, 2015

Happy new year to every single one of you!

2014 was a year of exploration, internal work, and some much needed growing pains. It was a year full of valuable lessons that brought me more self-awareness than I’d expected.

With that cycle coming to a close, I am ready for 2015’s clarity and manifestations.

For 2015, intentions are set, I am present, enthused to continue working my butt off, and finally ready to receive.

May this year bring forth what you need, what you seek, and what you’ve been working towards. Let us remember that time is a gift and to accept that gift we must fully live and not just merely exist.

Here’s to all the new people we’ll meet, the meaningful relationships that we will continue to nourish, the experiences we’ll have, the places we will see, and the love we will give and receive – cheers!

Thank you for the memories, 2014.



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