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When too much action becomes overwhelming: Dealing when things backfire

Something unexpected has happened. In the act of throwing myself into action and constantly ‘doing,’ I have become emotionally drained. All of the stimulation of recent experiences has left me feeling saturated with internal responses that I’ve had a difficult time processing.

We get wrapped up in being busy, in filling each time slot with something to do, and sometimes all of this action backfires. In the process of trying to follow the cliché of ‘living life to its fullest,’ we become the complete opposite: unfulfilled.

And, when we start to feel unfulfilled, we search for the source of this feeling, which means we start to question how we are living our lives, our relationships with others, our core values…basically everything.

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Adventures in hpynotherapy inside churches without religion

Disclaimer: This post is an anomaly from my previous posts and is more centered around sharing the internal transition that ‘doing’ is provoking for me.

I attended an event, not even sure that’s the right word to describe it. In my attempt to ‘do,’ to push my boundaries in order to clarify which ones I want to keep and which ones I’d like to release, I walked inside a sanctuary for the arts. The building structure reflects everything that a church resembles, but once inside the setup offers a different type of healing. It plays with lighting, meditation pillows cover the floor, a big stuffed tiger is on stage…it is quite the scene.

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Decisions on the L Train

A couple of weeks ago, I (somewhat impulsively and in the spirit of ‘just doing’) bought a ticket to visit a friend in New York. The days leading up to the trip, I’d been in a reflective state. There were a couple of decisions that I knew that I needed to make and one of those decisions carried the type of weight that you know has the potential to take you down a completely different road, one that I knew I most likely did not want to take . The decision pinned curiosity, perhaps even desire, against rationality.

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On Meditation

About three years ago, I tried meditating for the first time. At that point in my life, I was not patient enough to deal with the uncomfortableness that it caused me. It didn’t feel right. It was too frustrating. I wasn’t sure that the payoff would be worth the effort. More than a handful of reasons not to carry on with the practice crossed my mind and I listened to them. Throughout the three years that  followed, I was surrounded by friends who described how meditation had positively impacted their life, mostly because they wanted to share, but also because they hoped it would motivate me to give it another go. But, if there is one thing that I have learned about my (some may say stubborn, I say authentic) self is that I do not act until I feel the necessity, which usually presents itself in a physical symptom…an urge to physically move. And once that shift hits, it’s with full force and accompanied by an abundance of self-discipline. Continue reading On Meditation