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Without Apologies: The Essence of Being You

I don’t care who you are. You have quirks and not the ‘cute’ kind.

You possess characteristics that may drive some people up the wall, including yourself.

Maybe you’re a neat freak. Perhaps you blurt out words without thinking. Or, maybe you’re late everywhere…all the time, but it annoys you when others are late.

Whatever it is, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Authenticity as Self-Care

When we find ourselves in a complex situation that involves people whom we care about we can easily lose sight of our wants and needs.

Though it can be argued that selfishness is a common trait triggered by self-preservation, some of us have another dominant primal instinct: to nurture and protect.  This gender inclusive proclivity can be difficult to navigate.

If you identify as a protector or nurturer, then chances are that you have found yourself in a circumstance where you get wrapped up in emotionally providing for another person while oftentimes, without even realizing it, forgetting your needs. Worse than forgetting your needs, there are times when we become so concerned in trying to ensure another person’s comfort, or in providing what we think that they need from us, that we do not even take the time to reflect on what we need and how we feel. We don’t check in with ourselves and only realize this when the situation has become overwhelming for us.

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How to Relate to that Stranger in Front of You

The more you leave your home (both the physical structure and the internal one you hold) to experience life, the more you ‘do,’ the more enriched you become by experiencing others’ authentic story, but only when you make yourself available to receive and relate.

Though many will attest that it is easier to be honest with a stranger, the reality is that the majority of us do not move past small talk with strangers. We exchange niceties, we complain about how crowded the train is on that particular morning, refer back to the news of the day, or worst of all…we say nothing at all when an opportunity to connect arises. Instead, we look down at our phones and pop in our headphones.

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