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The Tides of Change

Everything that surrounds us is undergoing constant change. Some of those changes are easily apparent – our favorite restaurant unexpectedly shuts down, people get older – but internal changes can be a bit more tricky.

Sometimes when we go through internal changes, even if they’ve been years in the making, it may seem that those changes happened over night and it can leave us with an intriguing confusion.

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An Adieu to 32

A fourteen hour plane ride on your birthday gives you a lot of time to look back. It’s difficult to recognize that what you’re doing at this precise moment will quickly turn into a memory. Most change is subtle and we don’t recognize it as it is happening; it is only when we look back that we realize just how much has transpired.

Thirty-two was transformational. It was a year that was waiting for me to show up. Every experience that I had felt impactful, not only because it was molding and affecting me in unique ways, but because much of what I went through reaffirmed what I already knew about myself, but what I needed to test.

I sought out to be uncomfortable at thirty-two. I wanted to push myself, physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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