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A Post for Veterans’ Day

Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide each day.

There are mystical moments when bonds form instantaneously upon meeting. After exchanging a couple of sentences, you feel the rapport. Maybe it’s because she thinks your nonsensical jokes are actually funny, or because you share the same netflix queues; whatever the reason, it becomes one of the easiest connections you’ve made and it grows quickly.

With him, a fit blue-eyed young veteran, it was the words he used, how he used them, and his eagerness to find the punchline in everything. We spoke the same language. There was a mutual understanding that fueled a sense of home and closeness. That security eventually led to an invitation to the space inside of us that we tend to keep closed off to the outside world.

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La Alegria Nace del Pueblo; Happiness is born from the village

I attended a sold out concert earlier this week for a famous Mexican singer. Not surprisingly, the lines to enter the concert were long. The organization to enter the venue was lacking and direction was not clear. Usually when this is the case, chaos occurs, so I braced myself for the pushing and shoving that typically follows in these instances.

But, instead, I saw men and women making room for elders to slip by, people encouraging others to cut in front of them so they could be reunited with friends they’d separated from, conversations among strangers who were quickly becoming friends: there was a community forming in the open space.

A community.

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