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Checking In On My Relationship With Trust

The beginning of 2015, I wrote a post on my intention to work with trust this year. Well, we are halfway through the year (can you believe it?) and I want to update you on my experience and where I’m at right now.

I’m not one to sugarcoat, never have been, and likely never will be: it’s been at best a road filled with unexpected speed bumps and at worst a struggle that has implanted a very real desire to curl into my insides and emotionally/mentally/geographically run away from anything or anyone that requires me to trust.

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How to Drive Yourself Crazy

I’m convinced that I’ve discovered the key to instant insanity. Yes, it’s upsetting that I didn’t come across hidden gold instead, but information is useful, so I’ll take it.

If you’ve had too much peace lately and want some crazy in your life, the fastest way to get yourself there is…you ready for this?

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Revelations on Cliffs

Before this weekend, I’d only been camping once. Though we only camped for one day, the cold night temperature was enough to convince me that the one time experience was sufficient. But, I like trees…really, really like trees…and I also really appreciate the feeling of oneness that nature facilities for me. So, four years later, in the spirit of ‘just doing,’ I gave it another go.

During this trip, I had a lot of space to be aware and sit with how events in my life these past couple of months have changed me, the emotions and challenges that have surfaced, and, most importantly, what they have taught me about myself and to what extent they reflect my progress in trying to honor my core values.

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