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Checking In On My Relationship With Trust

The beginning of 2015, I wrote a post on my intention to work with trust this year. Well, we are halfway through the year (can you believe it?) and I want to update you on my experience and where I’m at right now.

I’m not one to sugarcoat, never have been, and likely never will be: it’s been at best a road filled with unexpected speed bumps and at worst a struggle that has implanted a very real desire to curl into my insides and emotionally/mentally/geographically run away from anything or anyone that requires me to trust.

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How to Drive Yourself Crazy

I’m convinced that I’ve discovered the key to instant insanity. Yes, it’s upsetting that I didn’t come across hidden gold instead, but information is useful, so I’ll take it.

If you’ve had too much peace lately and want some crazy in your life, the fastest way to get yourself there is…you ready for this?

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Hey, Don’t Take it Personally

*Disclaimer: This post does not address/condone criminal behavior, as we have much to improve on as a society. Its focus is on individual healing and not on ethics.

I once dated a guy who repeatedly told me that “people are all just doing the best that they can through life.” And, every time he said those words to me, it would drive me crazy. I’ve always thought that phrase is a cop out, an excuse to not do better, be kinder, to try harder.

But, once I started looking for more substance in the phrase, I was able to make peace with it by understanding that one intention behind it is to convey that people don’t act to inconvenience you. Their actions are based on their story, not yours.

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More Than Once: Life Lessons

We’ve all heard it before: if you don’t learn the lesson the first time around, you’re bound to see it resurface until the day that you do. And, chances are that with each repetition of the experience, the more brutal the consequences become of not “getting it” the first time.

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And Then Life Asked Me to Have Patience

That restless feeling – you know the one I’m talking about? When you’ve worked on something or even yourself so very hard and you have yet to manifest what you’ve been working for…and all you have left to do is be patient – that is the type of restlessness I’m referring to.

You have to be patient, because some things take time. No one builds a skyscraper over night.

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Fitting a Square Peg in a Round Hole

I don’t know about you, but when I invest in something or someone, I want a return. I want to make it work. That is energy spent – energy that I will never get back, and I want to make it count!

And, so, I pour myself wholeheartedly into making a project work, so much so that sometimes I lose sight that I no longer want it.

I get so caught up in fitting a square peg in a round hole that I become blinded to how miserable I’ve become in trying to get something to work.

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Discipline, Distractions, and Instant Gratification

Discipline is tough, y’all.

When you’re an ENFP, the road to discipline sometimes begins to look too steep and just the thought of starting the journey is exhausting.

With so many distractions and possibilities competing for our attention, it is easy to stray from what is in front of us. The project that we start today can easily become yesterday’s news when a fresh idea arises.

Technology has opened up the box of instant gratification to such a level that now we don’t need to stay focused to obtain our basic needs. Out of groceries? Order them online and they’ll be delivered to your door. Want a date? Sign up for any plethora of dating sites and pick someone. Is it mindless entertainment that you’re seeking? Stream something on netflix, or hulu plus, or amazon or…

It is endless.

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