Fiji Time

I apologize for the scarcity of posts in the month of April. I took most of the month off and traveled to Fiji and Australia. As always, in the process of traveling, I collected many experiences and thoughts to share with you, but honestly it’s been difficult to get back into the swing of things.

I have so much to write, but I’m still digesting/processing, and when I sit and face my screen the words are jumbled because I’m still trying to untangle the thoughts.  And, untangle them I will, but in the meantime, I’m going to ease back to the blog-sphere with some pictures of Fiji.

Three years ago, I traveled to Thailand and came across one awesome human being who was also traveling around Asia. Thanks to technology, skype dates and facebook messages allowed us to stay in each other’s life in a meaningful way, and almost three years later we met up to travel around Fiji and made our way to Sydney.

Fiji is not an over-hyped paradise. It lives up to every expectation. It is breathtaking. The water is a riveting clear blue-green and the sunshine is glorious. And though pictures cannot capture the beauty of the islands, they at least attempt to.

boatFijians have an ongoing joke that everyone lives in normal time and they live in “Fiji time.” Fiji time has no boundaries. An intended 15 minute walk turns into 3 hours. There is no rush. No one is occupied with time. When I was on the islands, I honestly didn’t know what day it was – you lost track of time simply because it becomes irrelevant. All that really matters is the moment that you’re experiencing, and even that is not as important as embodying the feel of the islands.

We went on sailing trips, summit climbs, snorkeling, shark swimming, kayaking, village visits, submarine excursions, endless swimming and sunbathing. We made friends, shared meals, were free with our dances, and appreciated many sunrises and sunsets.




Fijians were warm and welcoming. They always had a song and smiles to share. They were quick to lend a hand when we needed a push to keep moving forward on our excursions.


I pushed my boundaries, made life long new friends, exchanged many stories, risked much and gained more. And, just as importantly, I obtained a freedom that has been seeking me.

Now that the jet lag is over, musingsbythebay will be back to weekly posts. After all, I still have Sydney and so much more to share with you!

Have you traveled anywhere lately? If so, how was your experience?


8 thoughts on “Fiji Time”

  1. This sounds amazing! And what inspiring photos. Just makes me want to take a trip to the beach and relax! Or take a 3 hour walk someplace new!

    1. Thanks! You’ve been to so many awesome places that I have no doubt you’ll make your way to Fiji at some point! 🙂

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