More Than Once: Life Lessons

We’ve all heard it before: if you don’t learn the lesson the first time around, you’re bound to see it resurface until the day that you do. And, chances are that with each repetition of the experience, the more brutal the consequences become of not “getting it” the first time.

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The Tides of Change

Everything that surrounds us is undergoing constant change. Some of those changes are easily apparent – our favorite restaurant unexpectedly shuts down, people get older – but internal changes can be a bit more tricky.

Sometimes when we go through internal changes, even if they’ve been years in the making, it may seem that those changes happened over night and it can leave us with an intriguing confusion.

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Fiji Time

I apologize for the scarcity of posts in the month of April. I took most of the month off and traveled to Fiji and Australia. As always, in the process of traveling, I collected many experiences and thoughts to share with you, but honestly it’s been difficult to get back into the swing of things.

I have so much to write, but I’m still digesting/processing, and when I sit and face my screen the words are jumbled because I’m still trying to untangle the thoughts.  And, untangle them I will, but in the meantime, I’m going to ease back to the blog-sphere with some pictures of Fiji.

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