The Panic is Real, but so What?!

You know those weeks when life randomly draws your name and decides to play a game of how much shit you can handle until you let out a scream that gives Fred Flinstone’s ‘wilmaaaa’ a run for its money?

So, I had one of those last week and it got to the point where it just became comical towards the end.

Because, if you can’t laugh during the hard times, then I’m not really sure that you’ll make it to the other side of the tunnel.

When something goes wrong, it’s difficult to keep it from affecting other areas of our lives.

If things at work are off, it can negatively influence the way we relate to others and affect our relationships.

Likewise, when we’re feeling lousy, it is tempting to give in to the comfort of junk food and laziness, when in reality we can desperately use the boost that exercise provides.

But, last week it was oh so very difficult to remember these things.

Instead, I allowed myself to get swept up by negative thoughts and unnecessary worrying, both which led to anxiety.

As the panic started fighting my zen, I knew I needed to give peace some assistance so that it could throw harder punches. That’s when I got off my butt and went for a run.

The longer I ran the more I gave into appreciating the panic instead of trying to dismiss it. And, that’s when things got better. I realized, ‘hey, the panic is real, but so the fuck what?!’

Hard moments in life are a given. There will be times when we panic. And, that’s perfectly fine.

It’s fine as long we can snap back into the reality that: 1) those things we worry about happening, well, they rarely ever happen outside of our minds and 2) even if they were to happen, so what? We ride them out and continue on the journey until it’s over.

The ride isn’t always easy, but the bumps are an organic part of the adventure.

If we don’t learn how to accept the flat tires and traffic jams on the road, how will we ever appreciate the pleasure of a smooth ride on an open road with the sun shinning and music blasting?

Last week had flat tires, traffic jams, fender benders…you name it, I got it.

For a moment, I had doubt and feared that the road would not clear. I was too busy looking externally, wishing circumstances were not what they were, hoping others would behave in specific ways, etc.

By placing so much focus on the external, I was quickly losing sight of my power – the power that is created internally. 

With the acceptance of the panic comes grounding. When I stopped telling myself not to feel a certain way because it was nonsensical and silly, when I sat with what I was feeling, thats when I was able to let it go.

Mindfulness is work. Meditation is work. Being honest with oneself is work. But, staying down in the dumps is much more difficult to endure. 

How we react and what we do with external happenings that we have no control over, that’s where our fierceness and power gets the opportunity to shine.

We decide how much or how little we give a fuck about something. And, the reality is that most things are not worth giving a fuck about.

Not because they may or may not have their own merits, but for the simple reason that life is filled with possibility and the more we remain upset about an experience, or two, the more we hold up our abilities to explore those possibilities.

And, well, ain’t nobody got time for that!

How do you bounce back from a rough week?



8 thoughts on “The Panic is Real, but so What?!”

  1. Oh wow, sorry to hear about your rough week. I think it’s important to allow ourselves to just be negative and sad, you know, live the moment. But I also think it’s important to learn to let go because everything is in passing, both positive, and luckily, negative moments in our lives. I try to remember that when I’m having a rough week, it helps me.
    Julie |

    1. Thanks, Julie. Yes, I agree with you completely! Everything is temporary – I even got a tattoo with the word to capture the sentiment that you just described. 🙂

  2. I know those weeks you’re talking about. And when those weeks eat I want to curl up with all the ice cream. Its a horrible habit. Right now I’m working on healthier eating, and that means finding better ways to deal with the panic. Thats something I’m still working on.

    1. It’s so tempting to turn to food for comfort! But, in all honesty, exercise really does help. Mustering the motivation to move when you’re having a crappy day is difficult, but no one ever ends up regretting a workout! I’m sure you’ll do great with your clean eating goals!

  3. That is how Feb was for me…I was hoping March would be an improvement, but so far it hasn’t been….I just have to make a concerted effort to remember my blessings. I pray more than usual and think about how much worse it could be!! 🙂

    1. Oh man, Jamie, so sorry to hear that it’s been a rough month and rough March week. But, you know what? What goes down, must come back up – hang in there!

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