Love Series: How Do We Keep the Relationship Alive?

Wrapping up our love series, Melody from Naked Wellness shares her thoughts on taking our partners for granted. If you missed our last series post on the essence of love, you can find it here.


For the last month or so, I’ve been thinking about that transition that happens in romantic relationships, when we go from the excitement of falling in love and getting to know each other to that space of ‘going steady,’ as they used to say.

It’s a funny space, no?

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Discipline, Distractions, and Instant Gratification

Discipline is tough, y’all.

When you’re an ENFP, the road to discipline sometimes begins to look too steep and just the thought of starting the journey is exhausting.

With so many distractions and possibilities competing for our attention, it is easy to stray from what is in front of us. The project that we start today can easily become yesterday’s news when a fresh idea arises.

Technology has opened up the box of instant gratification to such a level that now we don’t need to stay focused to obtain our basic needs. Out of groceries? Order them online and they’ll be delivered to your door. Want a date? Sign up for any plethora of dating sites and pick someone. Is it mindless entertainment that you’re seeking? Stream something on netflix, or hulu plus, or amazon or…

It is endless.

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Love Series: What is Love?

Continuing our love series, Sarah from Share My World takes us back to the basics by exploring how we define love. In our last love series post, many of you shared how you honor your time alone. I encourage you to jump into the conversation and share your thoughts on what love means to you.


What is love?

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The Journey to Trust

I had a packed 4 day weekend and have been cheating my mind and body out of the full 8 hours of sleep that I need.

On Monday afternoon I finally had time to myself and picked up a book, but fell asleep within 5 minutes.

Unfortunately the nap didn’t last very long. A vivid dream that filled me with fear woke me up.

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Love Series: The Art of Spending Time Alone

Our third love series post is written by the awesome Lisa from The Creative Canvass. If you missed them, the first love series post is here and the second one can be found here. All the way from Australia, Lisa shares one of her greatest loves with us!


Love, it’s such a small word that has a lot of pressure put upon it.

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Learning to Ask

Late last year I discovered just how closed up I’ve been to receiving. But, it took me a bit longer to recognize how much more difficult ‘asking’ is for me.

Place me in a business environment, and I’ll be one of the most effective negotiators that you see. I confidently ask for raises. I unapologetically make sure that outside partners know what I need from them.

Shoot, I’ll even ask for a ninja turtle arcade machine and a vanilla ice visit and find a way to make it seem relevant!  I have no fear of asking when business is the focus.

Now that it’s clear that I was a kid in the 90s, here’s another confession…

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Love Series: Romance Films to Watch on Valentine’s Day

Our second love series post (in case you missed it, here’s our first one) is a light and fun one. Tianna shares her top ten films to watch on Valentine’s Day. She picked a diverse selection; check them out!


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