What Memories Are You Creating?

Think back to three days ago. What did you have for lunch? What kind of day was it? With whom did you interact?

Chances are that unless something occurred that day that made you have a strong emotional response, you will have trouble calling up the memory to answer these questions in a speedy fashion.

As neuroscience has pointed out, memory can be manipulative. Its tricky and seductive nature can lead us to a treasure filled with fake gold.

But, even with all its inaccuracies, what is undeniable about memory is that the decisions and actions that we take today are what we will spend time reflecting on in years to come.

We may not remember our past with exact precision, but we will remember how we felt in our 20s, in our 30s, 40s, 50s, you get the point…

How many times have you heard friends say, “I felt lost in my 20s. It was rough.” or “It was in my 40s where I felt confident; I had purpose.” We tend to associate decades with a theme, a feeling.

Right now, as this second escapes us, we are confronted with decisions and paths. Both our actions and inaction are working on creating the memories that will stay with us.

Do you have an awareness of what you want to create?

Oftentimes we do not take the time to ask ourselves what we want and when someone presents us with the question it can prompt us to reach into a space that we hadn’t explored or even purposely avoided.

And, so, I’m asking you now: What do you want to remember?

What can you create in your life today that will provide you with the type of memories that will bring you fulfillment 10 years from now?

If you already contain this awareness:

Are you actively working on creating the kind of memories you want to remember? 

Are you engaging in situations and connections that will provide you with the type of feelings that you want to associate with when you think back to this decade?

Are you living with purpose? Do you have both feet in the sandbox?

If the answer is yes, great!

If you’re not, why not?

What is holding you back from pursuing what you want in your life today?

If a fear of failure looms over your bed at night, what are you doing to befriend fear? If doubts are making holes in your confidence, what are you doing to work on yourself? If your determination is waning, what are you doing to get re-inspired?

Are you doing everything in your power to create the memories that you will want to remember tomorrow?

We’ve all read those posts that declare the top lists of what people regret on their death bed. Don’t let yours be the next list.

Let your actions lead the way in creating memories that will leave you without regrets.

The more years that we live, the more we are prone to repeat the clichéd phrase “time flies by.” We are apt to repeat this the older we get, because it does…minutes quickly turn into years.

With limited time, is there really anything significant enough to hold you back in creating the memories that you will want to remember tomorrow?






8 thoughts on “What Memories Are You Creating?”

  1. So true. I think how fast the time has flown with my son. Seemed like yesterday he was just a baby and now he is almost 15. I hope I’ve created memories for him to remember later in life.

  2. Such a great question as your heading. I love making memories! I’m a wild child who will get excited about the smallest adventure. I overload my camera with pictures and have tons of amazing memories of places people and many things. This is a great post!

    1. Thanks, Edith! I’m the same way with pictures. I pay little mind to design in my house, but one thing plastered all over my walls are personal photographs! I can’t wait to see which ones develop this year.

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